Wikis for the Classroom

A wiki is a Web page and is accessible to anyone with a Web browser and Internet connection.  A wiki allows readers to collaborate with others in writing it and adding, editing, and changing the Web page's contents at any time.  Its ease of use makes a wiki an effective tool for collaborative authoring.  Teachers can use wikis for students to collaborate on a document by writing, editing, and revising it in their classes (Solomon, 2007). 

Secure wikis without advertising:

MediaWiki http://mediawiki.com

Wikispaces www.wikispaces.com

Password protected but has advertising:

Pbwiki www.pbwiki.com (Peanut Butter Wiki) named because using it is supposed to be as easy as making a peanut butter sandwich.


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      2007, International Society for Technology in Education.

Wikis for Social Studies retrieved from http://www.conwaypsychology.com/


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