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        The current  page you are on serves as a site directory to help you locate  information and other features found within the menu bar at the top of the page.  Some categories have drop-down tabs containing additional information within each category.  Please sign in or register to become a member.  Registered members will receive access to the File Share Resource Bank.  Ok, let's get started...

The Home Page: This is the best place to sign in or register when using the site. Recent posts, current news, and new videos are always displayed on the right side of the page.

SRG Community: This section highlights some of the important beliefs and practices of the SRG classroom. PLC and SRG members are listed in this section.


 Resources: This page is designed to help teachers access  resources on methods and principles of teaching.  Topics included in this section are: research, copyright, tips for using search engines, internet safety and teacher websites. 

Newsroom:  This page features access to news releases, quotes, association facts, and the latest trends happening with educational research.  Don't hesitate to use your own interests and needs as guides to good topics for posting blogs and forums. This section includes a monthly newsletter titled "Ahead of the Class" featuring leading educators sharing their success stories on strategies to increase student achievement, set instructional outcomes, design student assessment, and participate in professional learning communities.  

Technology: Technology enhanced experiences maximize student learning in the classroom and support the diverse needs of students to demonstrate higher order skills and creativity.  Links are provided to assist teachers in developing Wikis, Blogs, RSS feeds, Photo Sharing, Edmodo, Videos, and Virtual Fieldtrips.

Curriculum: This section focuses on helping teachers design and teach lessons with clear learning goals and objectives.  It provides ideas for classroom management, differentiated instruction, accommodations, integrated curriculum, and evaluation.

Teacher Evaluation: This page explains the components involved with the new teacher evaluation system by Charlotte Danielson.

Subject Area Resource Pages: Located on these pages are national and state standards, curriculum maps, best practices, subject area resources, technology, news, community events, homework help, and teacher web sites.  Each subject area page is further sub-divided into specific content topics.

Best Practices: This section is designed to share best practices as well as ideas on current innovative trends in education.  We encourage you to participate in this unique professional learning opportunity; exchanging valuable insight with your colleagues and other educational leaders from across the district, state, and nation.

File Share : This page serves as a social platform for teachers to exchange files, photos, Power-points, and other resources for the classroom.  Files are divided into specific content areas.  Using the search button and/or categories tab provides quicker access to documents.


Frequently Asked Questions: This section addresses frequently asked questions regarding standards-based grading and the Standards Referenced Grading.