Edmodo.com is a private online social platform (similar to facebook) for teachers and students. Users have a home page where they can see a summary of recent activity for their class. The home page allows the teacher to make new assignments, assign an event to the calendar, send out an alert, write a note to an individual or a group of students, and share links or files with students and their parents.  It can be used in conjunction with a class website or instead of a class website. It allows you to upload documents, share links and videos, post announcements, blog, create a class calendar, and even send texts to students and their parents if they sign up for the feature. It is district approved and supported, so you don’t have to worry about any access blocks on the network. There is even an iphone and an android app that students (and teachers) can download to access it from their phones.

The school district has created a course on-line to teach you the basics. You can find it when you login to the VCS website and click on the propeller tab. Just search for Edmodo in the search box. You can earn inservice points for participating in the class! Below are links you can use to learn more about Edmodo.


Edmodo has many videos on their site showing how to use it.  The videos linked on this page explain how to incorporate Edmodo into the classroom for different subject areas: http://help.edmodo.com/ideas/ 

This video tutorial is on SchoolTube. A teacher takes you through his Edmodo page to show you how he uses it:   http://www.schooltube.com/video/68960e468b87292a1e01/Edmodo .

 Edmodo has an on-line user guide available at:  http://help.edmodo.com/userguide/